Hammerhead BC.-HighOnHops- Hazy Years - D-PAK (12 stk, 330ml boks)

IPA ABV.4,7% 330ml Boks

PrisNOK1,00 inkl. mva.


This beer pretty much sums up of the last couple of year for us, "Hazy and a bitter
end". Despite the hard challenges we, the industry and you the people have faced we
can finally see the light in the end of the tunnel. This is our first batch of our new
brewery setup, with loads of hops, and a malt backbone provided by our local malt
supplier Tyson at Bonsak. With his unique "Fruitopia" malt combined with the freshest
hops from Yakima valley, you can expect a fruity smooth sensation with a bitter end.


In a growing challenging market we want to show and be proud of that we are an                    
independent brewery now adding our brewery seal to all our products.This means that all our beer is made by us here in Trondheim,
that we have our own brewery, that we have 100% ownership of the company, and are
on a small production compared on a Norwegian scale.
Stay safe end Enjoy!
Best Regards from the guys at Hammerhead Brewing Company.



Boks 330ml

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